Technology changed


Technology is part of our lives these days and without it, nothing is possible. It runs everywhere. Whether it is your cell phone or your office, technology power everything. There have been so many changes that have occurred in the last few decades, and so much is happening right now. With new updates, the technology is making life much easier, and getting the workload off of our backs.

The Past: World, Meet The Internet

If we were to travel back to the 1990s, the internet would’ve seemed a distant dream, but to make it happen, the technological world was advancing. However, even though the internet was invented, not everybody had access to it. The computers were no common occurrence like today. The initial internet was slow, but as soon as the popularity grew and the more people started using it, the internet became much faster, and you no longer needed a dial-up connection.


The Internet Situation Now:

The Internet is a common thing today. It is hard for you to find out a place without the internet. In the initial days, the internet was growing but the network was still scarce, but right now most people have access to the internet and it has made a way even to the countries which were inaccessible before. The connections are faster and much secure than before.

Face To Face (Virtually, Speaking)

Compared to the earlier face-to-face conversations, the current ones are much advanced. Applications like Google Hangouts, Skype, and FaceTime have revolutionized the whole thing. This has opened new dawn of opportunities. Earlier the geographical barriers were there but now the meetings can be held irrespective of your location. The companies can talk with their customers, and reach out to their grievances. This has made business easier and much faster.


The Era Of Video Streaming

In the earlier days, you had to play the movies on your DVD’s, but the things have changed now. Video streaming is one of the things that technology has brought up. You don’t have to get different DVDs, but all you need is an internet connection. You can stream videos and fin the best one to watch. People are opting for digital streaming like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu. They offer more services, and with a click, you can watch any videos. The options are more. There is also user-generated content that has been attracting a lot of audiences. Companies or individuals can upload their videos to Facebook, or Instagram.

Cloud Storage:

The cloud storage is changing the way we see the storage. The benefit is that the data can be accessed from anywhere. Things like flash drives are becoming extinct, and many companies are using cloud-based services to store data. Platforms like iCloud, Google Drive, and DropBox are such platforms that offer such services.

Cloud Storage


Technology is one thing that is engaging a lot. There are so many advancements that are happening daily. From the inception of the internet to the Blockchain, the journey has been overwhelming, but there are so many things that are yet to be accomplished.